Arboricultural Professional Services

Arborist Reports: A qualified arborist will assess your site and trees and prepare an extensive written report. Arborist reports are often required by local Councils for development applications or tree removal permits. Other purposes for an Arborist report include tree hazard assessments and tree management plans.


Tree Care and Professional Services

Tree Pruning: Correct pruning practices can be highly beneficial for tree maintenance which improves the overall health, shape, and safety of the trees. All pruning carried out by Green Earth Management will be in accordance to the Australian Standard 4373 (2007) pruning of amenity trees.


Dead Wooding: Removal of dead, dying or diseased branches is not only beneficial from a safety perspective but can also greatly improve the aesthetic appearance of the tree.


Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Tree Removal: When tree removal is the last option, we have the expertise, equipment and team to deal with any challenge. A terrace courtyard or open space, your tree can be carefully dismantled, leaving your garden clean, tidy and free of damage. Any tree, any place, we leave no trace.

Stump Grinding: Tree stumps can be unsightly or obstructive, especially if you wish to replant a replacement tree. No tree removal is really complete until you remove or grind out the stump.