Oven and BBQ cleaning is never a fun task and often gets put off.

Have you forgotten to deep clean your oven again? Did you know that a dirty oven may harm your health? Old food spillages and oils may be inserted in your food if you’re cooking it in a dirty oven.

Is your kitchen filling up with smoke every time you bake? Not yet? Well, it will if you do not clean your appliance periodically! Green Earth Management can become your regular oven cleaning assistant at preferential rates. Book an oven cleaning in Sydney with us and enjoy a sparkling clean and bacteria-free oven.

Our oven cleaning and detailing methods are efficient and industry tested. We use professional detergents that cannot be found in the stores. The products are fume-free, safe and non-caustic detergents, as your family’s health is of utmost priority to us. If an incident occurred in the kitchen, you can take advantage of our one-off domestic cleaning. If you need your entire kitchen deep cleaned, you can count on our professional end of lease cleaners.


Single Oven – 60cm. $149
Double Oven – 60cm. $179
Stove Top – up to 4 burners $45
BBQ From $129


Keep Germs Away with Professional Oven Cleaning in Sydney

We pay attention to every little detail and ensure that every centimetre of the oven is left sparkling clean. Here is the step-by-step cleaning procedure we follow to ensure professional results:

  • Upon arrival, the professional oven cleaner will perform an inspection of your oven. He’ll check if the oven is working properly and will walk you through the cleaning process.
  • protective mat will be placed underneath to protect the floor and the surrounding areas.
  • Then, the technician will disassemble any removable parts – the oven door, racks, trays will be dismantled and cleaned individually.
  • The inside of the oven will be thoroughly scrubbed. The grease, food residue and carbon will be scrapped. After that, the technician will spray the whole oven interior with a degreaser including the ceiling of the oven.
  • The professional oven cleaner will soak the removable parts in a tank filled with warm water and special cleaning solution.
  • Lastly, the technician will wipe off the excess cleaning detergent. He’ll clean the outside of the oven including knobs and handles. After that, it’s time to reassemble the removed parts.
  • When the oven cleaner is done, he’ll inspect the oven to check if everything is working properly.

You can use your oven straight after the cleaning procedure. However, we recommend you to turn it off and leave it to burn empty for 10 minutes to get rid of the potent smell from the cleaning detergents.