Why GEM?

Conventional escalator cleaning technique requires the entire unit to be dismantled and cleaned manually, a very expensive and time-consuming operation. GEM is an escalator cleaning specialist with modern and highly efficient equipment which can clean an average-sized unit in as little as 2.5 hours.

We offer a 24/7 specialised Escalator step cleaning service, so we can clean your escalators when it suits your business (Most of our work is carried out ‘outside of hours’, overnight or at weekends, so as to minimalise any business disruption).

Our service can be utilised for:

  • One-off cleans
  • Quarterly, Biannually, or Annual Cleaning as part of a Regular Cleaning Schedule


Why Regular Escalator Cleaning is Essential

Most escalators are usually in a very polluted condition from years of neglect. There are a number of reasons to arrange a scheduled escalator cleaning service programme.

The build-up of dust and debris inside an escalator tread can accumulate very quickly, posing a fire risk and risking malfunctions within the mechanics of the escalator, and leaving you with an expensive repair cost. We can clean your escalators and travelators in minimal time and prevent problems occurring.

Maintenance Cost
Establishing a regular maintenance cleaning program could potentially eliminate any chance of incidents and injuries of people travelling on them. This could make your risk management and liability department benefit highly.

By enhancing the overall appearance and cleanliness of your escalators, you will experience fewer problems with surface incidents and attract more businesses. Your steps and risers are the first thing people see when they walk towards the escalator, so don’t let the dirty appearance affect your business image.

By employing the latest technology and chemicals, we can return even dirty, unsightly escalators to their sparkling best. We use a combination of specifically formulated chemicals to breakdown the grime and the gentle action of rotating brushes to remove the dirt and debris from your escalator treads.

Our clients include:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels

Our Escalator Cleaning Services are available across all Sydney metro area.